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Date: 21.07.2017

Ausstellungen Leipzig: Richard Wagner - Jubiläumsjahr 2013: 200. Geburtstags Richard Wagner


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Golden Sounds from the Mystical Abyss "Musical Instruments for Richard Wagner"

17/05/2013 - 31/01/2014 Museum of Musical Instruments

Richard Wagner was extremely imaginative in the way he used the range of instruments available at the time. Until well into his old age Wagner remained open to innovations, happily incorporating contra-bassoons and bass tubas into his works for example, and he was the first German composer of any calibre to specify requirements for valved instruments. His ideas led to the creation of the alto oboe, the Wagner tuba and the bass trumpet. At the exhibition, all the instruments related to Wagner, from the Meistersinger harp and the wind machine to the bass clarinet and the serpent can be seen and heard. Many of the exhibits are from instrument makers who had personal contact with Wagner. There are percussion instruments and sound effect machines for visitors to try out themselves.

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